Drive Happy with the JAC E30X
charge time
1.5 hours
assisted driving
level 2
carbon emission
MacBook Air

Angel Eyes Headlights

Meet the E30x’s Angel Eyes Headlights, with over 100 LED light sources that help light up the night with style and clarity.

These headlights mimic the blinking motion of the human eye, giving the JAC E30x a retro yet distinctive look. It’s more than just illumination; it’s about making your car stand out.

Panoramic Skylight

Experience the city in a whole new light with our class-leading 1.45m² panoramic moon roof.

Crafted from double-layer laminated LowE glass, it provides superior heat insulation that helps you enjoy the sun’s warmth without the burn, as the skylight blocks 99% of UV rays, ensuring a cool, comfortable ride.

Hidden Door Handles

The hidden door handles are designed for your convenience. They automatically unlock as you approach and lock as you leave, seamlessly blending into the car's sleek design, reducing wind resistance for enhanced aerodynamics.

Automatic Side View Mirrors

The round-shaped side mirrors feature integrated heating and electric folding, automatically tucking in when the car is locked. Makes parking in the city a breeze, prevents fogging and helps you avoid unwanted scratches.

Tri-Color Petal Wheels

Stand out from the crowd with the JAC E30x’s personalized tri-color petal wheels. Co-created with our target audience, these unique wheels add a touch of whimsy and charm to your ride, reflecting the playful spirit of the car.

Bubble Aesthetics

Embrace the charm of the JAC E30x with its Bubble Aesthetics Design. The contours are rounded and soft, creating an inviting and playful look that’s sure to turn heads.

Driver's Seat

The driver's seat is designed with your comfort in mind, as it comes with memory matching, heating, and cooling options,  ensuring you stay cozy no matter the weather. It even welcomes you by moving all the way back!

Effortless Magic

Step into the future as the car unlocks like it’s reading your mind and powers on the moment you close the door. Just hop in, step on the brake to shift gear, and you’re off! Seamless, easy, and oh-so-magical, driving the JAC E30x is pure delight from start to finish.

Tech-Tastic Touch

Get ready to be wowed by the JAC E30x’s 12.5-inch infotainment screen and 6.2-inch   digital speedometer.

These large displays showcase all your driving information, navigation, and entertainment functions with ease. They also feature wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Power Up Anywhere

The JAC E30x’s is your ticket to electrifying adventures. It can deliver power up to 2.2kW for V2L and up to 6.6kW for V2V.

What does this mean? The E30x can power 99.9% of your outdoor lighting needs which is perfect for those spontaneous city outings and weekend getaways.

Chill & Sip

Keep your drinks perfectly chilled in the summer or warm in the winter with the in-built refrigerator. No matter the season, enjoy your favorite beverages at the ideal temperature.

Beauty on the Go

Get selfie-ready with the large beauty mirror which is 89% larger than conventional makeup mirrors. Equipped with a 360-degree ring soft light fill, it provides a beautifying effect perfect for flawless selfies.

Hidden Gem

Maximize your space with the JAC E30x’s rotating cup holder. This clever design keeps the cup holder hidden when not in use and pops out when needed, ensuring ensuring practicality without sacrificing space.

Power Up

Stay connected on the go with wireless charging for your mobile phone. Convenient and cable-free, it keeps your device powered up effortlessly.

Charge Up

A high-power Type-C charging port caters to the diverse charging needs of all passengers ensuring everyone stays charged up.

Exceptional Space

Designed from the ground up on an electric platform, the JAC E30x prioritizes space. Smart packaging provides seating capacity and legroom comparable to cars one size up!

Experience the JAC E30X's dynamic, electric power and swift acceleration. Its long-lasting battery ensures you stay on the road longer without frequent charging. Perfect for daily commutes and weekend getaways, the E30X combines efficiency and performance seamlessly.

Zippy Powertrain

Feel the excitement with the JAC E30x’s zippy 9-in-1 Powertrain! This marvel integrates nine key components like the motor, drive controller, and high voltage power distribution, making it super light and ultra-efficient. With 70kW high-voltage and 100kW options, you'll zoom up to 150 km/h and hit 100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds.

Smart & Snappy

Stay safe and stylish with the JAC E30x’s smart & snappy 3-in-1 Intelligent Braking System. Enjoy the confidence from braking with a quick 37-meter stop from 100 km/h. It’s all about smooth, reliable braking that keeps you and your passengers safe.

Turn on a Dime

Make tight city turns like a pro with the JAC E30x’s best-in-class 4.95m turning radius. Whether it’s a quick U-turn or navigating narrow streets, this car handles it all with ease, making your urban driving fun and hassle-free.

Energy-Saving Superstar

Say hello to the energy-saving superstar! The JAC E30x uses just 10 kWh per 100 kilometers, thanks to its smart design and lightweight build. Save money while you zip around the city, enjoying an eco-friendly ride that’s easy on your wallet.

Lightning Fast

Charge up and go with the JAC E30x’s lightning-fast supercharging. With 54-67 kW DC fast charging, you’ll go from 30% to 80% in just 30 minutes. Spend less time charging and more time driving.

Ultimate Safety

The JAC E30x boasts a five-star safety collision system with cell-to-body (CTB) integration. Featuring 4 longitudinal beams in the body and 2 in the battery pack, plus 65% high-strength steel and a torsional stiffness of 30,000 Newton meters per degree.

This robust build ensures your safety, letting you drive with complete peace of mind.

Cool & Safe

The JAC E30x’s original honeycomb battery pack uses cylindrical cells and meets the industry’s strictest safety standards. This high-safety battery ensures the electric vehicle, and your personal safety is always top-notch, so you can cruise confidently.

Level 2 Assisted Driving

With Level 2 Assisted Driving, the JAC E30x is packed with smart tech: 2 corner millimeter wave radars and 5 cameras. The FSACC full-speed adaptive cruise system handles city traffic and highways, freeing your feet.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

  • Auto Emergency Brake (AEB)

  • Front Collision Warning (FCW)

  • Rear Collision Warning (RCW)

  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

  • Lane Change Assist (LCA)

  • Door Open Warning (DOW)

  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

  • Cross Traffic Alert (CTA)

  • Auto Headlamp Switch (HMA)

It’s like having a co-pilot for safer, smarter driving!

All-Around Protection

Equipped with 6 airbags, a safety feature usually found in bigger premium vehicles. Simply put, more airbags mean better protection. Drive confidently, knowing you’re surrounded by top-tier safety measures.

See Everything Everywhere

The JAC E30x’s 360° Panoramic Image and 540° Transparent Chassis use 4 high-definition wide-angle cameras and the NIO ET7 panoramic image algorithm. Switch between 2D and 3D views to see every part of your vehicle, ensuring worry-free driving in all scenarios. Drive smarter with a complete view of your surroundings!



Length * Width * Height (mm)
4025 * 1770 * 1560
4025 * 1770 * 1560
Curb Weight (kg)
Wheel Size
16" Aluminum rim / 205/55 R16
17" Aluminum rim / 205/55 R17
1.45m2 Panoramic sealed with manual sunshade
Powered Rear View Mirror with Heating
check mark
check mark
(Power Folding)
Rear View Mirror Power (Auto fold after lock)
check mark
Electric driver seat with welcome & memory feature
CHECK (6 Way)
check mark
Driver seat heating & ventilation
check mark
Cosmetic mirror + LED light
check mark
check mark
64 colours ambient lamp
check mark
360° Panaromic with 540° transparent chassis

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