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Officially known as Jianghuai Automobile Co Ltd, JAC Motors was established in 1964 and has been listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2001. Today, JAC Motors is the No.1 commercial vehicle brand in China, selling passenger and commercial vehicles to over 100 countries worldwide. In the global market, JAC ranks No.1 in Brazil among Chinese auto brands & No.2 among exported brands and have successfully established itself as a high-end, luxury auto brand. Currently, JAC Motors has over 500 dealerships and 14 assembly plants in over 50 countries worldwide across Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

On July 11, 2013, in the presence of the Al Habtoor Motors Board of Directors, the official dealership agreement was signed in Dubai by Mr. Sultan Al Habtoor, President of Al Habtoor Motors and Mr. Carl She, General Manager of JAC International.

This agreement ushers in a new industry partnership that will introduce international quality Chinese passenger, light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles to the UAE market. As part of Al Habtoor Motors� strategic long term vision, this new partnership positions JAC Motors to become one of the most competitive automotive brands in the UAE passenger and commercial vehicles segment in the next five years.

JAC Motors has been a comprehensive automaker with full-line independent brand vehicles in China and its product line includes light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, MPV, SUV, sedan, bus chassis, buses, engineering machinery, engines, gearboxes and other key components. With an annual production capacity of more than 700,000 units of completed vehicles, JAC has been ranked as one of the top 10 brands across the Chinese auto industry. JAC has been the largest bus chassis producer in China for 18 consecutive years. As a light commercial vehicle leading manufacturer, JAC has been No. 1 in export sales for 11 consecutive years.

Dedicated to the progress of China's automobile industry and committed to become a leading Chinese automaker with international competitiveness, JAC focuses on commercial vehicle manufacturing to consolidate and develop its leading position in various commercial vehicle markets. It has successfully expanded into passenger vehicle manufacturing through international cooperation and the integration of domestic and global resources. Aiming to become a world-class brand, JAC is ready to enhance its superiority in technology, manufacturing, brand image and sales network through rapid development. JAC is dedicated to developing and producing safe, environment friendly, economical and energy saving vehicles on the basis of sustained brand progress and cost improvement.

JAC Vision: Better Products, Better World

JAC Mission: Innovation of home-growth brand, revitalization of national auto industry.

JAC Core Value: Quality is the fundament of development

JAC Spirit - Is it RED Army?

JAC Core Competence: Organizational learning and systematical innovation

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