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JAC LCV models have occupied a key place in the land transport industry since 1968. Powered by Cummins engine, the JAC LCV range features great flexibility that enables to cope with a various range of applications. The JAC Light Commercial Vehicles utilize both domestic and international technologies and are manufactured to the highest standards, after intensive research and design development.



JS, the leading international high-end truck design concept of rigidity, mobility and cleanliness, has a sharp elegant design reflecting the rigidity and strength of the vehicle.


Suspension System

Durability: Using the new model plate spring (few leaf spring), the car can stay lightweight and will not reduce the load capacity improving the durability.

Strength and Longer Life Span: The leaf spring uses secondary Peening technology which increases the strength and life span of the suspension.

● The use of a separation type chassis makes the vehicle stronger and gives it a better damping effect.


  • The exhaust brake decreases braking time, leading to a more reliable and safer brakes, which also prolongs the braking system life span
  • The double brake loop design and front ventilated disc makes the vehicle safer and more reliable.


The first model which has passed the complete Vehicle Collision High-standard Test in China


The cab design is based on the cab non-linear deformation collision theory, with the anti-collision girder steel built inside the door, guaranteeing the passengers’ safety at all time.

Note: Models are subject to vary in appearance or availability.



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